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Holiday fun: Designing a stained glass Christmas tree with GlassEye 2000

One of my hobbies is constructing stained glass, which is something I got into out of necessity while restoring an old house in Brooklyn.  The cost for replacing or, worse, restoring old stained glass panels was frightening enough that I took some classes to learn how to do it myself.  Fortunately, I learned that working with stained glass is somewhat the same as woodwork joinery so the transition wasn't too difficult once I learned the tools and their tricky techniques.

However, Rembrandt I ain't. I can visualize things pretty well but there's a bridge out somewhere between my left and right brain. With woodworking, I usually wind up head jamming the fabrication. It works 90% of the time. The other 10% is handled by my hard-won skills in making dumb mistakes look like I meant to do that. But this ad hoc process doesn't work for stained glass construction, where you need to have a completed design and pieces cut before you start soldering things together.