Day: January 22, 2016

Setting up a hybrid Google Apps mail account

I’ve run my own mail server since, well, the UUCP days. I used to host a lot of mailiing lists so over the past 20+ years I’ve run Sendmail, Exim, Qmail and Postfix. They’re all different but they share one thing in common: unless running mail servers is your hobby, they’re not fire-and-forget applications, especially in the high-spam, high-malware, post-Snowden environment today.  Maintaining a mail server is a chore. You walk a fine line between being buried in UCE and

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SSH Tunnel for PostgreSQL Connection on AWS EC2

AWS has become a fairly ubiquitous hosting option for small companies. But developers typically work on local dev setups outside the host and occasionally need access to the main dev and staging databases located on AWS. How do you do this and still run in a secure environment? One thing you don’t do is poke a hole in AWS’ firewall and run PostgreSQL’s port in the open. An interested hacker only needs to sniff the connection to get the login

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