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SSH Tunnel for PostgreSQL Connection on AWS EC2

AWS has become a fairly ubiquitous hosting option for small companies. But developers typically work on local dev setups outside the host and occasionally need access to the main dev and staging databases located on AWS. How do you do this and still run in a secure environment? One thing you don’t do is poke a hole in AWS’ firewall and run PostgreSQL’s port in the open. An interested hacker only needs to sniff the connection to get the login

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SMB+SSH: Ubuntu server and OSX client

The title above is pretty close to the Google search query I used in vain to find a recipe for tunneling an OSX Samba client to an Ubuntu 14.04 server. Hopefully this post will save someone the hours I spent trying to set this up. In the end, like so many Unix projects, the answer turned out to be simple. All that’s needed is a configured and functioning Unix/Linux Samba and SSH server .   Everything else is on the client side. I’m not

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