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Embedding a View in a Node

A couple of people asked me how I embedded the client logo slideshow inside the content area of the “Brooklyn Technical Services has over 20 years’ experience…” node on the front page here. Actually, that was the easy part.  The hard part was building that slideshow, mainly because I hadn’t done it with Drupal 7 before.   After several false starts I found a great video tutorial on Views Slideshow by a Toronto developer who walks you through the process, step

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Holiday fun: Designing a stained glass Christmas tree with GlassEye 2000

One of my hobbies is constructing stained glass, which is something I got into out of necessity while restoring an old house in Brooklyn.  The cost for replacing or, worse, restoring old stained glass panels was frightening enough that I took some classes to learn how to do it myself.  Fortunately, I learned that working with stained glass is somewhat the same as woodwork joinery so the transition wasn’t too difficult once I learned the tools and their tricky techniques.

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Finding duplicate records in a database: the SQL HAVING clause

One issue I run across occasionally is a table with duplicate entries such as two entries for the same company in an accounts payable system.  This can create embarrassing problems with billing if ACME Inc #1 is 90 days overdue because someone credited a payment, and now a credit, to ACME Inc #2. I ran across this problem recently on a health records system which was missing a UNIQUE constraint on a secondary patient ID field: student ID.   The

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